Pioneer PDPV402 4:3 Plasma 40"


The PDP-V402’s enhanced drive power efficiency translates into 130% brighter on-screen video images than the previous model. Employment of black stripe panel and improved filter results in improved contrast in bright locations and clearer color expression. The PDP-V402 clearly displays video signals, Y-C (s-vhs), RGB and VGA (640 x 480 pixel) PC signals. The PDP-V402 employs the industry standard 4 : 3 aspect ratio, which allows full video images to be displayed without the need for editing or re-shooting.  The 4:3 aspect ratio is extremely important when using material that for whatever reason cannot be stretched or distorted.

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Colour System NTSC
Screen Type 40" Plasma
Resolution 640 (Horizontal) x 480 (Vertical)
Power Requirements AC 110~120V±10%, 50/60 Hz (3.5A)
Power Consumption 350W (2W at stand by)
Operating temperature 32ºF~104ºF (0ºC~40ºC)
Dimensions (w × h × d) 91.6 x 71.4 x 8.8 cm
Weight 67 lbs. 14oz (30.8kg)
Video inputs BNC, VGA
  • Pioneer PDPV402 4:3 Plasma 40
  • Pioneer PDPV402 4:3 Plasma 40