The Block 28 EQ/3 Monitor

The Block 28 EQ/3 was made in partnership with Unicol Engineering and first presented in the two-person exhibition Markets with Charlotte Prodger at CHELSEA space 2014. For this exhibition, the video monitor was considered on one level as a blank, interchangeable vessel for the purposes of channeling content; and on another as a discrete entity with its own design history, social context and relationship to the human body. The monitor design integrates formal properties of the Hantarex MGG EQ and Sony PROFEEL PRO cabinets producing a new version, a hybrid, using CRT technology earmarked for refurbishment. Four monitors - the unpainted steel prototype and three powder-coated black - featured in MARKETS within the newly commissioned work Northern Dancer, 2014 by Charlotte Prodger, which was subsequently selected for the British Art Show 8.


Installation views of MARKETS
#55 Markets The Block and Charlotte Prodger at CHELSEA Space