Northern Dancer (2014)
Charlotte Prodger
Four channel monitor installation with audio
7:35 looped

Northern Dancer (2014) by Charlotte Prodger was commissioned and produced by The Block. The installation comprises four Block monitors, across which flashes a series of seemingly arbitrary words. These words are in fact racehorse names following the ancestral bloodline of a particular thoroughbred horse named markets, reflecting a convention when naming racehorses of splicing the names of the parent stallion and mare. The accompanying voiceover describes a particular moment in the lives of Gertrude Stein and her lover Alice B. Toklas concerning the obliteration throughout one of Stein's manuscripts of the word 'may'; both a linguistic rebuttal and a 'striking out' of the author's former lover, May Bookstaver.

British Art Show 8

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Charlotte Prodger, Marble/Fingers (2010). Prints from 35mm slides.